The first step in determining whether or not you need a radon mitigation system is to have your basement tested for radon levels. Radon Guys does not offer testing services because it is a conflict of interest with our radon mitigation design and installation services. This way, your test results are independent of our company and give you assurance that our solution has reduced your radon gas levels below recommended safe levels.

We recommend Accustar Labs located in Medway, Massachusetts. You can purchase radon testing kits right on their site, follow their directions for conducting the test, ship the test canisters back with an easy to use prepaid label and check the results online. It takes 48-96 hours to conduct the short-term test in your home.

Jim and John Radon experts from RadonGuys sit down with Steve Verdelli in the studio to discuss what you can do to reduce radon levels in your home as you're getting ready to sell.